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Article #39 When Route Sales People Accept Inventory Returns, Where does the Inventory Go when they Sync their Handheld Computers?

Answer: When considering inventory returns from Solid Sales Pro, the 'Return Code' assigned to those returns is the main factor that determines what action will be taken when synced back to Solid Business Central. The return code tells Solid Route Accounting the condition of the returned items. A return type of 'Good' means that the item can be resold, and in such cases the returned items will be added to the mobile unit record's inventory.

The second factor is if the item was returned as 'Damaged' or 'Expired' and a Close Cash Out report was finalized from Solid Sales Pro prior to syncing. Solid Sales Pro will recognize that these damaged and expired items cannot be reused, and will create a Stock Transfer to transfer these items to the mobile unit record's Damaged Stock Adjustment cost center. If a Close Cash Out report is not finalized prior to the handheld computer's sync, then these returned items, similar to the 'Good' returns, will be added to the mobile unit record's inventory, regardless of their Return Code.

To verify what cost center a mobile unit record adjusts damaged inventory to, navigate in Solid Business Central to [Datafile / Cost Center / View] and display the mobile unit record's cost center number. While viewing this mobile cost center record, the field 'DamagedStk Adj to' will indicate to which cost center number that damaged and expired inventory will be transferred to. By default, this will be cost center number 998, unless additional adjustment cost centers have been created and assigned to this mobile cost center record.

Last modified on 21 Feb 2018

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Sales Pro
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