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Article #38 Please Assign a Return Code for Returned Goods!

Description: When accepting a product return during the invoice creation process, the message, "Please assign a return code for returned goods", will display if a Return Code has not been chosen to describe the condition of the product being returned. This message will show on either the 1133 BarCode Details screen, 1134 Order Details screen, or 1135 Item Details screen after using the [OK] button, or scanning the next barcode, to proceed to the next item.

Resolution: To accept a product as a return during the invoice creation process, simply enter a negative quantity into the Order Qty field. When a negative quantity has been entered, a Return Code field will appear beneath the Order Qty field. Use the Return Code drop down menu to choose whether this product is Damaged, Expired, or Good. Once the Return Code had been chosen, continue on with the invoice creation process.

Prevention: Each mobile unit record in Solid Business Central can be set to have a default Return Code type. Since many companies will experience a certain type of return much more frequently than the other types, having mobile unit records set to a default return type will improve a route sales person's efficiency, and prevent them from ever seeing this warning message. If the product being returned is not the default return type though, the route sales person can still select any other return type for that item.

To set a default return type within Solid Business Central, navigate to Datafile > Cost Center > Mobile, and display the desired mobile unit record. Use the [F2] Edit key to make this record editable, and in the Mobile Options area, and set the Rtn Default field to whichever return type the route sales person will encounter most often. The options for this field are E for Expired, D for Damaged, or G for Good.

Save this change with [CTRL] [END] and sync the handheld computer associated with this mobile unit record for the change to take effect. When this route sales person next accepts a return, Solid Sales Pro will now by default have the Return Code field set to this 'Rtn Default' type. The route sales person can still change the return type to any other type though by using the Return Code drop down menu, if needed.

Last modified on 21 Feb 2018

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Sales Pro
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