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Article #33 Can Invoice Numbers in Solid Route Accounting be Lengthened/Shortened, or Remove the Letter and Period?

Answer: The transaction numbers used in Solid Route Accounting have been thoughtfully designed to at a glance relate important information about the transaction it belongs to. For this reason, it is important that the entire transaction number is shown to ensure that all of this information remains intact. Transaction numbers, such as 001.B100012, begin with whichever cost center number, in this case 001, created the transaction.

Following this is a letter that indicates the transaction type. Some transaction types are 'B' for bills, 'O' for purchase orders, and 'T' for stock transfers. The last six digits are the transaction's unique number for the cost center it was created from. Using the full transaction numbers ensures that all transactions can be tracked, and eliminates the possibility of duplicate transaction numbers across all the cost centers in the business system.

Last modified on 21 Feb 2018

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