Solid Sales Pro


The proven, cross-platform, highly productive route accounting system for route sales, direct store distribution (DSD), pre-sell, mobile sales, and delivery confirmation with these key features:

  • Exceptionally easy to start and support
  • Sales Orders, including Customer Orders, Mobile Point of Sale, Delivery Confirmation
  • Inventory Management and Control
  • Day End/Trip End Reconciliation


Exceptionally easy to start and easy to support

  • All operations are designed to be easy to learn:
    • Commissioned sales people report they are up and running within the first hour with very little training
    • Each operation is similar
    • Video training tools are available to train staff
  • Support is easy
    • Each screen is individually numbered with a logical reference set
    • Program is maintained automatically by Solid MultiConnect™ and Solid Mobile Central™
    • Transactions are virtually never lost nor inaccurate

Sales Orders

  • Create Sales Orders:
    • Optionally create sales orders as a customer order or invoice, depending on program licensing
    • Consider product availability from local warehouse as well as up to 2 supply warehouses
  • Pricing Rules:
    • Automatically calculate product prices based on customer, customer group, and product
    • Note: Exact rules vary depending upon the accounting system used to drive Solid Sales Pro™
  • Credit Limits:
    • Consider customer credit limits, account balance, and ageing
  • Taxes:
    • Automatically calculate taxes depending upon jurisdiction, product, and customer
  • Review and Reprint transactions:
    • Note: Once a transaction is saved as an invoice, it cannot be changed; it can be reversed
  • Delivery Confirmation:
    • Recall a previously created customer order and make alterations to evidence changes to the customer order
    • Optionally place items not currently supplied on back order
  • Signature Capture:
    • Obtain customer signatures on orders
    • Save signatures automatically to the office system for review and reprinting of original transaction
  • Optional Sales Order Features:
    • Approved Products Lists (APL) (Optional):
      • Integrated handling of approved products by customer or customer group (see full description below)
    • Stop Order Prompting:
      • Enable a prompt list that guides route sales people to the next stop
      • Allows sales people to skip stops and re-visit later
      • Works in concert with Solid Journey Plan to ensure customer coverage

Inventory Management & Control

  • Track inventory automatically:
    • As sales orders are completed, the local warehouse inventory is updated
    • Returned goods can be assigned return codes; based on these codes, returned goods can be either left in the warehouse (or truck) or automatically relieved
    • Returned goods can be moved automatically to a separate returned goods warehouse
  • Environmental or Core Charges:
    • Linked Parts & Deposits - Assign up to 3 additional charges per SKU, such as bottle deposits, then automatically sell to customer with option to override
  • Stock Transfers:
    • Transfer products to/from local warehouse or truck via stock transfer transactions
    • Create stock orders for warehouseman to fill and later turn to stock transfers to evidence truck fills
    • Damaged Goods - Automatically create stock transfers to relieve damaged goods to a separate damaged goods warehouse
  • Stock Counting and Warehouse Reloading:
    • Create electronic count sheets to evidence counts of any warehouse
    • Create stock orders to reload warehouse
    • Print depletion reports
  • Optional Inventory Management & Control Features:
    • Multi-Vendor:
      • Handle product lines on behalf of 3rd party vendors; sales person simply adds items to a proposed invoice, then the system automatically splits based on pre-defined setup
      • Provision for assigning to specific customer groups
      • Inventory and accounts receivable are correctly handled
      • Transactions may be made payable to 3rd party vendors with correct handling of A/R while delivery history is correct
      • Special invoice numbering can also be handled
    • Approved Products Lists (APL):
      • Maintain approved products by customer or customer group
      • Allow or prohibit override; if override is allowed, then this is a recommended products list
    • Route Sheets with Customer Order History:
      • Create new orders based on saved sales history for the customer
      • History of each item sold to the customer includes: quantities on hand, sold, and returned for up to the last 6 visits plus price sold at
    • Standing Orders:
      • Create a continuing pre-sell order and use as a template to create repeat orders
      • Optionally modify on each visit

Day End/Trip End Reconciliation

  • Reconcile sales operations:
    • Simple 2 step access to reconciliation
    • Prints cash out report
    • Optionally prints the 'Stock Reconciliation Report' (i.e.: depletion report)

Other Features

  • Printing:
    • Prints several styles of transaction layouts on either 8 1/2" or 4" printers
    • Supports several rugged printers via Bluetooth


  • Exceptionally easy to learn, to use, and to support
  • Comprehensive sales features to make sales efforts highly productive
  • Professional results even for small DSD operators