Solid Warehouse Pro


A proven, cross-platform, wireless warehouse system for:

  • Customer order picking
  • Receiving shipments
  • Product order and re-order
  • Stock counting
  • Material Handling
  • Exceptionally easy to start and support


  • Exceptionally easy to start and support
    • All operations are designed to be easy to learn:
      • Warehouse staff report they are up and running within the first hour with very little training
      • Each operation is similar
    • Support is easy
      • Each screen is individually numbered with a logical reference set
      • Program is maintained automatically by Solid MultiConnect™ and Solid Mobile Central™
      • Transactions are virtually never lost and never inaccurate
  • Customer Order Picking
    • Send customer orders to the mobile system. Then, the picker is guided around the warehouse by shelf location
      • May be configured to allow over pick, partial pick (under pick) or substitute items
      • Multiple or single orders may be picked at once for either one or several customers
      • Picked items may be confirmed by barcode scan or this may be turned off
      • Picked orders may be finalized as invoices if desired
      • Orders may be printed from the mobile or from the main system if desired
  • Receiving Shipments
    • Receive shipments for product on either new or existing purchase orders (created elsewhere in the system)
      • Scan barcodes to confirm products or assign barcodes to products
      • Optionally assign quantities and costs during receiving
      • Receive product codes not currently known to the system, which are then transferred to a separate receiving file for later confirmation
  • Product Order and Re-Order
    • Create orders for product and/or re-orders
    • Add new SKU's during this order process
  • Stock Transfers
    • Transfer stock between warehouses, bin locations and/or shelf locations
  • Stock Counting
    • Count stock in any warehouse location, saving the count as an 'electronic' count sheet
    • Apply this count sheet automatically, if desired, to adjust warehouse quantities with full audit trail of adjustments
    • Print count sheets from mobile or office computer
  • Material Handling
    • Pick materials for jobs from one warehouse and/or bin to evidence movement to another warehouse or bin
  • Other Features
    • Settlement - mobile system will settle normally in under 30 seconds via WiFi
    • Mobiles - Currently supported on Janam and Motorola mobile computers
    • Implementation - May be added to available Solid Route Accounting™ systems very simply
    • Program and related data maintained automatically via Solid MultiConnect™


  • Smoothly integrated system with fast, easy operations
  • Unified with accounting systems to provide smooth loading of transactions
  • Audit trail is easily followed