Solid Visual Analyst


You know the information you're looking for is in there, so how do you get it? Use Solid Visual Analyst™. Based on the industry standard Crystal Reports©, simply setup the report you are looking for, and watch it arrive on our desk every month!


  • Select from several included report templates. Includes:
    • Stop Analysis Report - Reports what customers were serviced, with sales, gross margin, and previous visit for a user defined time period organized by visit order and route
    • Sales Commission Report - Provides a statement for each sales person for a time period showing earnings by invoice
    • Weekly Sales Analysis - Reports sales results by week for each route
    • Supplier On-Order - Provides a report of what is on order by supplier
    • Customer Sales Reports - Several sales reports to show results for each customer
  • Modify templates as required and save as a new template
  • Schedule reports to be produced on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Output reports in common formats including PDF or Excel


  • Obtain exactly the information you are looking for
  • Develop your own reports based on the industry standard Crystal Reports
  • Schedule reports so the computer system has the reports on your desk when needed