Solid Journey Plan


You've worked hard to build up your customer base yet if sales people are skipping stops you will not be making sales. Use Solid Journey Plan™, an integral part of Solid Route Accounting™ to:

  • Create a stop order list
  • Monitor route sales stops
  • Identify missed customers
  • Sales person's results


Solid Journey Plan™ provides for:

  • Customer Stops
    • Define customer stops and the order of stops for your route sales staff
    • Monitor progress including where the staff member has stopped and where they are going next
    • Determine skipped stops and the reason for skipping
  • Customer Coverage
    • Define any customer's visit frequency
    • Automatically generate the customer stop list
    • Automatically allow for holidays. For example, if the customer's regular stop falls on a holiday, the system will move that stop to the next day
  • Solid Sales Pro™ - In concert with Solid Sales Pro™, Solid Journey Plan™ will:
    • Prompt a sales person to make a stop
    • Permit the sales person to apply a reason for skipping
    • Allow sales person to return to this stop later
  • Reports
    • Order the 'Stop Analysis Report' for a single day or for any period
    • Report on order of stops, amount sold, gross margin, date of last stop
    • Show totals by route and sales person for day and week
    • Easily compare one sales person's results to others and the team


  • Ensure customers are visited even when holidays intervene
  • Know in what order the visits were made
  • Easily answer questions in the office to customers who call in
  • Know when your route sales person normally visits and if the store has been visited