Solid Business Central


Solid Business Central™ is a proven, reliable ERP system capable of handling a high transaction volume with a solid, integrated approach and consistent interface for:

  • Mobile Sales, Route Accounting, Counter Sales, Buying and Picking
  • Multi Warehouse Inventory Management
  • Extensive customer, inventory, and price handling methods
  • Exceptional support, including on-line training videos
  • External operations, including:
    • Solid Journey Plan™
    • Solid Visual Analyst™
    • Solid EDI™
    • Solid Distribution Central™


Inventory Management

  • Product Codes (SKUs)
    • Create millions of product codes with barcodes and numerous other attributes
    • Attributes include taxes, core charges, barcodes, additional SKU (linked part), and re-order quantities
  • Product Departments
    • Assign products to product groups, called departments
    • Specialized departments include: regular items with quantity tracking, labour or service without quantity tracking, assembly departments for assembling from lists of items, and special environmental charge for EDI purposes
    • Assign financial results to separate GL accounts automatically
  • Multi-warehouse inventory control
    • Create 100's of warehouses each with separate inventory tracking
    • Easily track movement in and out of warehouses
  • Pricing
    • Individually priced SKUs with list, cost, and wholesale
    • Automatically apply one of several discount plans to gain pricing consistency:
      • Discount by product department with either:
        • % off for 40 customer groups or
        • % markup from any stored price for 10 customer groups
        • Flexible pricing that creates price groups as % up or down from cost, list, or another stored price
      • Special Price List (SPL):
        • Create a price list, like a specials list or flyer, that applies to any customer, customer head office group, or customer routing group
        • Optionally apply any of: beginning date, ending date, quantity price breaks, suggested retail, or special wholesale to this SPL
    • Invoice level discounts apply a % off invoice with option to have sales person override configured on a per customer basis
    • Sales person override permits or disallows override of individual prices
  • Multi-Vendor (configured in Solid Business Central™ to drive correct sales through Solid Sales Pro™)
    • Option to split transactions automatically based on special SKU configuration
    • "Sold by" and "Pay to" as it applies to A/R handling is automatic
    • Inventory balances handled automatically
  • Stock Transfers - move inventory between warehouses using stock transfers and stock orders
  • Inventory Counts
    • Manual - create manual count sheets or
    • Mobile Computers - count with mobile computers with options for automatic stock adjustments with full audit trail
  • Inventory Audit routines- allow for continual monitoring of your inventory quantity levels
  • Inventory Purchasing - automatic inventory purchasing based on minimum quantities on hand, minimum order amounts and customer orders

Customer Management and Accounts Receivable

  • Customer Groups
    • Group customers by:
      • Head Office grouping with option as to bill to/ship to address
      • Customer Routing group to indicate what group a sales person is responsible for and to limit customers on a mobile
      • Customer Pricing group to assign pricing plans to groups of customers
  • Pay by Invoice
    • Apply payments to specific invoices
    • Split payments across multiple transactions where they are members of a Head Office group
    • Over pay, partial pay, and split pay transactions
  • Route Management
    • Use simple route management groupings or integrate with Solid Journey Plan™ to ensure route planning and coverage
  • Accounts Receivable Management
    • Includes pay by invoice, customer statements, and A/R reporting


  • Mobile Sales
    • See Solid Sales Pro™ for fully integrate mobile computers to handle on-the-road activities that are smoothly and fully integrated
    • Ideally suited to Direct Store Distribution, Pre-Sale, or Mobile Sales via wireless systems
  • Counter Sales
    • Full featured counter sales module for ordering, back ordering, sales, and received on accounts
    • Capable of 100's of simultaneous transactions per day on numerous screens
      • Customer Orders - orders taken on office computers and moved to picking system for fulfilment, with the option to close customer orders as invoices while putting unfulfilled items on backorder
      • Invoices - create invoices with automatic with option for manual pricing override
      • Received on Account - receive customer payments
      • Cash Out - handle periodic cash outs for staff with reconciliation printing
    • Provide for automatic assignment
      • Taxes and tax exemptions, cores and core charges, environmental charges, and linked parts
      • Assemblies can be created from a 'recipe' with option to over-ride quantities
  • Customer Order Picking
    • See Solid Warehouse Pro™ for fully integrated customer order picking
  • Transaction Printing
    • 8 1/2" and 4" invoicing options are both supported
    • Formats include invoices, customer orders, work orders
  • Picking
    • Print picking lists to easily pick items in the warehouse, or smoothly integrate Solid Warehouse Pro for a fully automated, wireless picking system


  • Mobile Buying
    • See Solid Warehouse Pro™ for fully integrated customer order picking options via wireless systems
  • Purchase Ordering
    • Create orders automatically for depleted items and items on order by customers
  • Receiving
    • Receive product into inventory, optionally printing shelf labels while pulling special ordered product for customers
    • Receive orders previously created by default
  • Pay by Invoice
    • Apply payments to specific purchase orders
    • Split payments across multiple transactions
    • Over pay, partial pay, and split pay transactions
  • Transaction Printing
    • Purchase orders and checks can be printed

Accounts Payable & Supplier Management

  • See Buying


  • Numerous build-in reports including:
    • Auto-pick Report - use this report to determine quantities for refill purposes based on transaction volumes and lead times
    • Multi-Warehouse Report - view quantities in all warehouses
    • Stop Analysis Report - see the productivity of your route sales staff in a day, including stop order, amount sold, gross margin, prior stop by customer and summarized by day Bill Transaction Journal - see exactly what was sold in a given period, including warnings on low pricing situations
    • Bill Transaction Journal - see exactly what was sold in a given period, including warnings on low pricing situations
    • Commission Report - easily generate a commission report for each employee, which includes sales, returns, and margin
  • Integrates smoothly with Solid Visual Analyst™ for advanced, custom reporting

Solid General Ledger™

  • Integrated GL operations are supported
  • Up to 70,000 GL accounts
  • Reports include:
    • Financial Statement - with comparisons to prior periods
    • General Journal
    • Account Reconciliation

System Operations

  • Printing
    • Configure printing to print to any networked or local printer
    • Separate configuration for invoices, work orders, reports, and check printing
    • Print to any Windows printer
  • Backups - create compact backups very quickly
  • General Ledger - use the GL provided or easily print summarized journal entries to enter to your preferred system
  • Integrity Check - Built in integrity check is able to recover all balances from computer system malfunction

External Operations

  • Solid EDI™ for a complete EDI solution
  • Solid Distribution Central™ for centralized reporting most common with distribution associations
  • Solid Journey Plan™ ensures customer coverage


  • Smoothly integrated system with fast point-of-sale billing screen
  • All systems work together to give unification
  • Audit trail is easily followed