Solid Mobile Central


The Central configuration and control for mobile computers running Solid Sales Pro™ or Solid Warehouse Pro™.


Configure and control Solid Sales Pro and Solid Warehouse Pro mobiles as follows:

  • Authorize and initialize mobile computers securely from your office system
  • Configure password and user ID access
  • Enable various features:
    • Sales - the ability to sell, pre-sell, or delivery confirmation
    • Sales Person - allow or disallow price overrides, credit checking
    • Customer Groups - enable or prohibit customer records on mobile computer
    • Cash Customers - enable / disable cash customer
    • Settlement Methods - enable or disable various settlement methods
    • Printers - define the type of printer attached to the mobile
    • Transaction - define the type and style of invoice transactions that may be printed

Other Features

  • Backup - Integrated backup system to ensure all your settings are saved
  • Settlement Record - Review settlement history
  • Review and reprint mobile sales transactions with signatures


  • Provides management configuration of mobile computers so you can control the features you have available to route sales people
  • Fast, menu driven, initialization of mobile computers so you can focus on your business