JanamCare® Service Plan


JanamCare® Service Plan
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Janam offers flexible, convenient service plans that are carefully structured to meet your diverse needs. For businesses that require comprehensive coverage, fastest possible turnaround time and services such as same-day software application reloading, Janam offers 2-year, 3-year and 5-year JanamCare® Premium Service plans. Comprehensive and Basic Extended Warranty plans are also available. To determine which service plan best fits your needs, view Janam's Service Plan Guide.

Please note:

  • JanamCare® Service Plans cover all failures except crushed units or units submerged in liquid.
  • JanamCare® Premium and Premium Plus plans must be purchased within 30 days following the purchase of a Janam mobile. After 30 days has expired, only Comprehensive and Basic Extended Warranty is available.
  • JanamCare® Extended Warranty plans are activated 45 days after purchase.
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