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Solid Route Accounting™ for SYSPRO, is fully integrated with the SYSPRO ERP system. It is designed to help distributors across all industries manage mobile invoicing or order entry, mobile inventory control. With the integration of the proven Solid Route Accounting™ and SYSPRO ERP systems, sales forces stay connected to customers while eliminating redundant administration efforts. When on-site, route sales staff can easily create transactions that are automatically updated into the SYSPRO ERP system. Orders are instantaneously moved from the field into the office via Wi-Fi, cellular data connections, and other methods.

Key Benefits

  Move Route Sales staff through customer sites up to twice as fast because of accurate pricing, printed invoices, and barcode scanning.

  Reduce administrative costs up to 90% because of seamless integration into SYSPRO.

  Improve management information because of accurate invoicing and inventory control.

  Ensure smooth, continuous, long term operations because of rugged, reliable equipment smoothly integrated with software.

  Implement in a few hours because of automatic Windows install tools and an easy to learn, fast to use system.

  Return your entire investment normally in within 6 months, continue earning for years to come because of professional design, rugged equipment, and Solid support.

How it Works:

Solid Route Accounting™ for SYSPRO works in three simple steps:

  1. Customer, product and pricing information is established and maintained in SYSPRO and then automatically maintained in mobile handheld computers.
  2. Sales people create sales orders via mobile computers and printers. Customer orders, sales history, ROA, and inventory tracking, and SYSPRO compatible pricing rules are available to the mobile computer.
  3. The mobile computers are synchronized with SYSPRO where transactions are automatically posted to customer accounts. A full audit trail is maintained to ensure complete tracking of valuable transactions.


  • Mobile Order Entry & Printing
  • Signature Capture
  • Transaction Review & Reprint Functionality
  • Barcode Scanning & Lookup from Scrolling List
  • Complete Automatic Mobile Integration into SYSPRO ERP
  • Fast, Accurate, Secure Wi-Fi Transaction Settlement

Solid Support:

For further information about Solid Route Accounting for SYSPRO or any of our software, please contact our sales team at Solid Sales Team.