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How DSD Software can Change Your Life Forever

Thursday, 01 November 2018 10:00
Increased Profits

Over the last few months, we come to see that distributors are becoming increasingly more focused on adopting route DSD software technology in order to gain an edge in their respective markets. This newly found technological focus centres on replacing mobile computers that run Windows Mobile with Android or iOS or updating to the newest version of their ERP system (QuickBooks, Sage 100, SYSPRO).

Although these changes are marginally better and often necessary, it has become clear that most distributors are thinking about technology as a means to streamline their business. Right now is the best time to start leveraging technology as a way to automate manual tasks, free up employee time, and maximize company profits.

Save up to 90% on Your Bookkeeping Costs

Monday, 01 October 2018 10:00
Reduce Costs

A simple case for changing the course of your business — and your life — with automation.

These days distributors focus on getting products to their customers and try to maximize the number of customers serviced in a day's work. Not to mention to contend with competitors in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

So when it comes to accurately input all that sales data into inventory and accounting systems, life for a distributor gets very complicated very quickly. And the complexity multiplies tenfold not if, but when, human involvement introduces errors. Typically when sales hit a peak or the business scales in some way, either the repetitive manual entry becomes too much for a busy distributor to manage or hiring a bookkeeper becomes too expensive to justify. In fact, the data management has been the undoing of many a burgeoning business.

Improving Efficiency

When it comes to delivery and sales routes, efficiency is a key driver of profitability. The more stops the driver can successfully service in a shift, the higher the revenue that route can generate.

There are many factors that can impede route efficiency, but mobile route accounting solutions, such as Solid Route Accounting™, makes it possible for drivers to more quickly complete each stop while still providing more accurate service to each customer. Solid Route Accounting™ also provide better data and improved visibility into route performance and untapped sales opportunities, too.

Android Robot

Now that Microsoft has ended extended support for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and is phasing out all its Embedded operating systems, many businesses need to rethink their mobile OS strategy.

Running a non-supported Windows OS is not recommended because Microsoft will no longer issue security updates. This will leave anyone running a legacy Windows OS at serious risk, so migration to a new OS is a necessity.

Solid Route Accounting Distributor

When products are either highly perishable or require weekly or even daily replenishment, distributors have a keen interest in any technology that can improve route efficiency and order accuracy. Solid Route Accounting™ can accomplish both of those goals with the help of mobile computers and real-time wireless communication.

ABEX 2012 Finalist

Thursday, 06 September 2012 10:00
ABEX 2012 Finalist

On September 6th, 2012 the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce announced its list of finalist in the 2012 Achievement in Business Excellence (ABEX) Awards. Solid Innovation Systems Inc. has been nominated as a finalist in the Innovation category. A total of 46 businesses across Saskatchewan were selected as finalists within 10 ABEX categories.

On April 10, 2012 the Prince Albert Chamber of Commerce awarded the Samuel McLeod Prince Albert Business Award in the category New Product 2011 to Solid Innovation Systems Inc. The prize is awarded to a company for demonstrating business excellence in the creation of an original product or service with exceptional commercial potential. Solid received the award for their new and original Solid Route Accounting products.

Solid Sales Pro from Solid Innovation offers retailers a mobile POS system designed for remote sales transaction processing including field sales, showroom sales and tradeshow ordering. Solid Sales Pro easily handles both customer ordering tasks and contains inventory management capabilities. The system is available in a QuickBooks Pro Edition for QuickBooks (QB) integration and a Microsoft Dynamics GP Edition, which is designed to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Enterprise Edition is available for integration with the Solid Route Accounting Business System, and the Integration Edition is for providing integration with other accounting products.