Solid Route Accounting: Easy to Install, Easy to Setup and Quick to Learn

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  • How a DSD Solution can Change Your Life Forever
  • Solid Route Accounting: Easy to Install, Easy to Setup and Quick to Learn
  • Solid Route Accounting™
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How a DSD Solution can Change Your Life Forever

Increased Profits

Over the last few months, we come to see that distributors are becoming increasingly more focused on adopting route DSD software technology in order to gain an edge in their respective markets. This newly found technological focus centres on replacing mobile computers that run Windows Mobile with Android or iOS or updating to the newest version of their ERP system (QuickBooks, Sage 100, SYSPRO).

Although these changes are marginally better and often necessary, it has become clear that most distributors are thinking about technology as a means to streamline their business. Right now is the best time to start leveraging technology as a way to automate manual tasks, free up employee time, and maximize company profits.

Find out how

Solid Route Accounting: Easy to Install, Easy to Setup and Quick to Learn

Easy to install

Back in 2010 with numerous new technologies available and supported by our nearly 30 plus years in POS business, Solid envisioned a new Solid Route Accounting™. We knew our clients wanted maximum reliability, quick installation, a short learning curve, and fast mobile sales operations. In January 2013 the first clients put the new Cloud Edition to work across North America.

And the results are now flowing in. In installation after installation, the new Solid Route Accounting™ wins at all levels.

But wait; is it merely a straightforward mobile sales tool? Not so! There are hundreds of pre-configured parameters that clients can use to tailor the system to exactly their needs. For example, what customers are wanted on each mobile computer? Or to what extent can salespeople over-ride prices? Or perhaps you want to limit the types of transactions or payment methods in use in your company. And, quite importantly, the removal and re-assignment of mobile devices in your company.

All of these, and much more, are easily managed from the convenient, secure management console.

We've surprised the world with this secure, reliable system with our 35-day, $9.95 trial offer. Now you can experience the full system for a tiny sum.

When you choose Solid, you can be assured of solid, professional results. We look forward to working with you.

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Solid Route Accounting™

Solid Route Accounting

Solid Route Accounting™ provides mobile invoicing and inventory control for several popular ERP systems.

It is used by mobile business, including direct store distributors (DSD), van sales, field sales, field service, trade show order entry, showroom sales, garden centers, HVAC, restaurant supply.

Supported ERP systems:

Others Have Found These Articles Useful

A Complete guide to all Solid Route Accounting™ Features

What do the various payment methods mean?

How to group customer specific to a particular mobile?

Too many or irrelevant items on your mobile? Check out item filtering.

For answers to any of your questions, contact Solid Client Services. They will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

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