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Welcome to the Solid Integration Program

This program is focused on integrating complementary solutions with Solid Route Accounting™ for the benefit of route accounting clients. Solid Route Accounting™ is a proven mobile point-of-sale system and an expanding solution for route accounting organizations looking for automation. At Solid we are committed to evolving our business solutions and are looking for organizations, VARs, system integrators, or business professionals who are interested in extending their market reach through the integration of Solid Route Accounting™ and an accounting or ERP system.


  •  Reach new markets
  •  Expand product portfolio
  •  Combine rich industry expertise

What is a Solid Integration Partner?

A Solid Integration Partner is an organization, VAR, system integrator, or business professional that forms an alliance with Solid to provide an innovative, cost-effective and reliable route accounting solution. A Solid Integration Partner must possess deep knowledge about a complementary accounting or ERP system and must foster a relationship with Solid that supports teamwork, dedication and results.

Program Details

As a Solid Integration Partner, you will work closely with our team of experts to implement the integration between Solid Route Accounting™ and an accounting or ERP system. As a partner, you will also acquire full collaboration on marketing activities and priority support. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Solid Integration Partner, send us your contact information via the contact link on the right and a member of our team will promptly respond to your request.

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