Solid Integration Program

This program is focused on integrating complementary solutions with Solid Route Accounting™ for the benefit of route accounting clients. At Solid we are committed to evolving our business solutions in order to deliver functional, flexible and fully integrated route accounting systems. With over 20 years of experience in the route accounting industry, we pride ourselves on fostering relationships that support teamwork, dedication, and results that ensure our integration projects progress into the future.


Infor    Intuit QuickBooks    Microsoft    Sage    SYSPRO    System Dynamics

Hardware Partners

Reliable route accounting systems require reliable mobile hardware. Solid has teamed up with some of the most reputable hardware manufacturers in the industry to provide clients with durable equipment that will withstand some of the roughest elements in the industry.


Datamax-O'Neil    Honeywell    Janam    OKI    Zebra

Strategic Partners

These associations and professionals provide Solid with long-term resource commitments that contribute to Solid's sustainability and growth. In collaboration with these partners, Solid continues to provide value, dedication, and results to clients.