To prevent unauthorized access to your internal network, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will have turned on the Firewall settings of your external Internet WiFi Router hardware. To allow for external WiFi synchronization with your mobile handheld devices, you will need to open and forward the external synchronization sessions on your router and direct these sync sessions to the IP address of the computer system running Solid MultiConnect™.

You can determine the IP address of the Solid MultiConnect™ computer system from a command prompt:

  1. Click on the Windows [Start] button and select the 'RUN' option. NOTE: If you cannot locate this option from the start menu, check "Accessories" for a RUN or COMMAND PROMPT option.
  2. Enter 'CMD' in the Open field and click on [OK] to open the DOS command prompt window.
  3. Once at the DOS command prompt, type 'IPCONFIG' and press [Enter].
  4. Your computer systems IP address should be displayed on screen under a section titled "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:"
Once you have your computer's IP address, you would instruct your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to open and forward the following ports to the Solid MultiConnect computer's IP address:
  1. PalmOS: Forward port TCP 14238 to the Solid MultiConnect machine IP address
  2. Windows Mobile: Forward port TCP 34701 to the Solid MultiConnect™ machine IP address

NOTE: If you have additional internal routers within your local area network, then there may be additional port forwarding to consider. If you are unsure about your router configuration/setup, please contact the Solid Client Services team for assistance.

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