What is a Price Level?

Price Levels let you set custom pricing for different customers in QuickBooks®. Once you create a Price Level and associate it with one or more customers, Solid Sales Pro™ automatically pulls up the correct custom price for a customer each time you make a transaction for those customers.

QuickBooks® provides two different types of Price Levels:

  1. Fixed Percentage Price Level
  2. Per Item Price Level

Fixed Percentage Price Levels

Fixed percentage Price Levels let you increase or decrease prices of all items for a particular customer by a fixed percentage.

For example, you might use a fixed percentage price level for a customer, who gets a 10% discount on all the products and services you offer. You can choose to round sales prices up to the next whole dollar by setting this Company preference when you use fixed percentage price levels.

Per Item Price Levels

Per item Price Levels let you set custom prices for individual items that are associated with different customers.

For example, you might use a per-item price level for your preferred customers who are charged $8 for product A (regularly priced at $10), $5 for product B (regularly priced at $5.50), and your standard price for product C. In another example, you might have a specific customer you agreed to charge $50 per hour for research time (regularly priced at $70) and $30 per hour for administrative time (regularly priced a $35 per hour).

Note: Per Item Price Levels are only available if you have QuickBooks® Premier or Enterprise editions.


The one limitation in QuickBooks® is that you can only assign one price level to a customer.


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