Description: Looking at the Home screen/Applications menu on the handheld computer, Solid Sales Pro™ is no longer available or has been deleted. This is most often caused by the handheld computer being hard-reset, or cold booted unexpectedly, or by mistake. However, there are many other reasons why a handheld computer could restore itself to factory settings. There is a high chance that any transactions that have not yet been synced to the main Solid Route Accounting™ business system have been lost and will need to be recreated.

Resolution: If Solid Sales Pro™ is no longer anywhere on the handheld computer, this unit will need to be reinstalled to bring the Solid Sales Pro™ software component back onto it. All unsynced transactions created by this handheld computer before this event will need to be manually recreated prior to new sales being made to prevent duplicate invoice numbering between the company's records and the customers' records. Please follow the instructions below for the Solid Route Accounting™ business system being used.

Solid Business Central™ Users:

  1. The first task is for an administrator to use the [F11 - Fill] feature of Solid Business Central™ to set the last transaction number was the route salesperson created for that mobile unit record. This feature, upon the handheld computer being synced/reinitialized, will create Open Orders that the administrator can then use to recreate those lost transactions at their leisure and ensures no duplication of invoice numbers. For details on using [F11 - Fill], please read Article #166 How to use [F11 - Fill] to Recreate Lost Invoices and Orders in Solid Business Central.
  2. The handheld computer then needs to have Solid Sales Pro™ reinstalled. Once reinitialized, the handheld computer is once again ready to make sales.

Other ERP System Users:

  1. Once reinitialized, the lost transactions must be recreated in Solid Sales Pro™ to prevent transaction number duplication. Ensure that the transactions are recreated in the same order, for the same customers, payment types, taxes, items, quantities, and prices as the originals, so the company's records match that of the customers'. Once the transactions have been recreated, the handheld computer is once again ready to make sales.
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